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Absolutely nontoxic (CSI Certificate). Ideal for nursery schools, schools, Gyms.
Natural effect
Immediate use and natural effect. Years of glory, no weeds, no wilted areas.
No water needed
Stop irrigation systems and so water saving.
No maintenance needed
No more maintenance. No need of lawn mowers, no need to clean, no need of fertilizer.
UV resistant
Resistant to UV rays for more than 12 years.
Excellent impact resistance.
Perfect drainage properties, never puddles areas.
Resistant to chemical agents
Complete chemical resistance against all spilled liquids, detergents, beverages, acid rain.
Resistant to pets
Optimally resistant in the presence of cats and dogs. Ambers never and can be cleaned with water.
Resistant to cold
Conservation of its mechanical properties which allows a particularly high strength even at very low temperatures up to -40°C.